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  • Shinia Christopherson

5 Signs You Need New Windows

Updated: May 11, 2023


How do you know when you need to replace your windows? You do not want to spend money on something when it is not necessary. Listed below you will find the most common signs that your windows are on the way out and need to be replaced.

Large Windows in a beautiful kitchen
5 signs you need new windows

1. Condensation on windows (5 signs you need new windows)

If there is condensation between the glass panes means that the seal has been broken. This allows moisture to get into the window and cause the moisture or fogginess. This is one of the 5 signs you need new windows.

More importantly it means that the insulating gases that were making your windows energy efficient are now gone making your windows less effective in keeping your house insulated and warm in the winter months.

This can be caused by cracks or chips in the glass which can spread if left unfixed.

Frosted glass on a window looking out to trees.
5 signs you need new windows

2. Decaying Frames (5 signs you need new windows)

It is common on especially older homes to have wooden frames and on exterior windows they can become weathered over time. If moisture or water gets underneath them they can become moldy and even start rotting.

A sign that this is happening is if you push on the frame and it is soft.

Mildew and mold on a decaying window frame.
5 signs you need new windows

3. Drafts from window (5 signs you need new windows)

If you stand by your windows and you feel a draft or cold air even when the windows are closed could means that the insulation around the window could no longer be effective. This can be the weatherstripping or a faulty seal.

This could make your energy bills more expensive because your house is working harder to heat the house with the additional cold air coming in.

4. Soundproof (5 signs you need new windows)

Double and Triple pane windows are more insulated and will therefore be better sound-proofed than single pane.

family playing in a living room with windows.
5 signs you need new windows

The insulation around the window may also be lacking and if there is open space in between the window and the wall, the sounds will carry through.

5. High Energy Bills (5 signs you need new windows)

As stated in the previous points of if you have poor windows you will have higher energy bills. Having new energy efficient windows can reduce your heating and cooling bills.

For example: In the cold winter months, windows will keep the cold air out keeping your house cozy and warm. While in the summer it also deflects the heat rays helping your house stay cooler.

Energy efficient windows diagram.
5 signs you need new windows

Replacing windows is a worthwhile investment. Not only does it reduce your energy bills, it increases the resale value of your home. It is also one of the highest ROI's (return on investments) for house improvements..


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